We are the North Star Community Brand Avengers, cerebral super heroes saving the world one community reputation at a time.  We are battling the nefarious villain “Mediocrity Man” whose evil powers include local politics and boring marketing messages like “Great place to live, work and play” and “Small town charm with big city amenities”.  Of course, mediocrity is a pretty dastardly foe so our super powers are mighty strong and majorly diverse.  Our team has a research master because knowledge is power and an economic development guru because a city’s vibrancy is tied to its business vitality. Our strategy writers are intent on giving every community a foundation that is concise and relevant. Writing wunderkinds share space (and capes) with art directors and graphic designers because memorable creative is the greatest defense against not being noticed.  And our action team is constantly crafting strategic action plans that protect our community clients against the pitfalls of unplanned futures.  

With great power comes great responsibility.  And with great community branding comes a competitive future. Now, meet our superheroes

Or learn how our superheroes do what they do best.