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We’ve heard through the grapevine that some community branding providers are badmouthing the benefits of focus groups. WHAT! That’s crazy talk and we can prove it. The most challenging aspect of community branding is collaboration and focus groups are a great ways to get the ball rolling.

Gocta Waterfall Tourism Asset

We do a lot of brand research to uncover the strategic brand essence for each destination we work with.

City Branding Blunders

Branding a community is much more complex than branding toothpaste.  Not only is the process highly political, it is very emotional.

Economic Development Marketing Country Club Effect

According to Janet Miller, former Nashville Chamber of Commerce CEO, “People in powerful positions want to be in a room with other people in powerful positions”.

Tourism Brand Narrative

The strongest community brands are grounded in a strategic brand platform that clearly an

Brave Branding

One of North Star Destination Strategies’ most successful client stories is the Hub-Bub brand developed for Spartanburg, South Carolina.

city brand strategy

The “strategic brand platform” (also called the “brand strategy”) is the critical touchstone for all branded activity within a community.