Columbus, Indiana

Columbus, Indiana

City Branding Study

For people seeking a small and innovative Midwestern community, Columbus is an architecturally significant community where an environment of excellence creates an uncommon atmosphere that inspires you to shape your world. 

 Although modest in population at 40,000, Columbus, Indiana is ranked a surprising fifth in the U.S. for architecturally significant cities putting it in the same company as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami. Research showed that residents are well aware -- and proud -- of Columbus' architectural status. But many don't see the connection between an interesting building and the things that matter most in their lives including jobs, safety, children and education. So how can a city with a reputation for design excellence optimize that advantage and still create a brand that's "of the people."

North Star's research revealed that Columbus' architecture is not just significant, it's memorable! Dazzling modern design combined with exemplary building standards turn common structures like schools, city hall, bridges and fire stations into functional works of art people won't soon forget. Research also showed that the outstanding architecture of Columbus is not just about the buildings, it's about applying a standard of excellence to the everyday in a way that inspires greatness in all you do. Ultimately, Columbus doesn't just do buildings better, it strives to do everything better. And that's a connection hardworking residents can feel good about.

Brand Identity

The line “unexpected. unforgettable.” supports the essence of this strategy and gives the entire community a platform from which to promote the people, places, events, architecture and attitudes that represent the brand. The architecturally inspired logo consists of bold interlocking “C’s” in primary colors. Exemplifying what makes the Columbus approach to life and design so special, the "C's" will become a primary building block in the design of everything from pole banners to bike racks to children's playgrounds throughout the community.

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