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Miami County, Ohio
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North Star Destination Strategies is the community and city branding specialist. We can find out the strength of your current brand. Develop your new brand identity. Even give you a step-by-step plan for implementing your brand. And of course, we have extensive speaking and publishing experience on the topic! Guess that’s why we have branded so many cities, communities, destinations, municipalities and places in states across the country.

How do we do it? Our unique combination of branding, creativity, strategic planning and research services literally puts our customers on the map in the hearts and minds of citizens, businesses and visitors. For communities this translates directly into more of whatever you’re looking for. More tourism dollars. More satisfied residents. More economic development. Or more of all three.


What's News?
Columbus, IN Leads the Nation in Economic Development

Here at North Star we’re fond of saying that economic development brands don’t occur in a vacuum. In other words, the community’s reputation as a whole is taken into account when capital investment decisions are being made. Proving our point (and proving again how incredible they are) North Star community branding client Columbus, IN was just named 2012’s #1 leading location by Area Development magazine. That’s high praise considering Area Development is the top executive magazine covering corporate site selection and relocation. Guess economic development influencers are pretty impressed with the unexpected and unforgettable nature of this economic powerhouse!

Go HERE for more details on Columbus' most recent accolade

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