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Branding benefits them all! And North Star's approach to branding (called Community BrandPrint) goes far beyond a logo, tagline and advertising to build significance. In fact, we view our branding process not only as effective marketing but also as a key component of community development.

How do we do it? North Star determines your community's unique identity, develops a Brand Identity Guide to help you communicate that essence and provides hundreds of Brand Action ideas for bringing your two-dimensional identity to life in a three-dimensional community. Those ideas include events, merchandise, signage, community outreach, public policy and business/civic incentives. Our goal is for your community to wear its brand like a second skin.

Community Development, Economic Development and Tourism Development

Of course, different places have different needs and that's why our BrandPrints come in all shapes and sizes. Some of our clients want to focus on revitalizing their downtown so we embark on a Downtown Branding campaign. Others want to focus on branding their city so we launch a Municipality Branding campaign. Still others want to build up their tourism or economic development marketing, in which case we offer Destination Branding and Economic Development Branding, respectively. And some places want to brand the whole kit and caboodle, which results in a Community-Wide Branding campaign.

Community Research, Strategy and Creativity

The key to North Star's success is our integrated BrandPrint process. We believe that energetic, exciting and relevant outcomes result more often when there is synergy among the people who conduct the community research, those who develop the brand strategy and those who cook up the creative. Each BrandPrint is the perfect combination of standardization for cost-efficiency and customization for one-of-a-kind results.

So keep on clicking to learn more about place branding, the hottest trend in community marketing and development.

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